Here is an outline of what we teach you to create Real Estate Leads from Internet. What you realize as you read this outline is that you already know that you need to do most if not all of these internet / social media / internet marketing themes. You have gone to classes, webinars etc. but still not able to get them to work for you in a jaw-dropping fashion. Hence, you may not know what the 3 most important factors affecting your internet marketing success when attempting to create Real Estate Leads from Internet. In order to create the maximum amount of quality leads, you will need to know:

• how to do each topic of the outline step-by (painful but then enjoyable)-step
• when to do which particular steps
• and in what fashion

I want to teach you. We both want you to succeed. It will not be free, but you will be successful and more profitable than you are now or I will give you your money back and let you keep the knowledge you learn. I have a passion for making you succeed. Internet Marketing Strategy is often heard and taught buy techie people to none-techie people with little success. Successful Internet Marketing Strategy is what I have done for the past 7 years. Successful Internet Marketing Strategy is what I will teach you. I have done 4-7 million in Volume per year in North Scottsdale Real Estate business from Internet driven leads for the past 7 years. This is my actual homepage. Now, it is your turn to turn on the computer each day and meet your next client!

Real Estate Leads from Internet Outline

  1. We set up SEO style website
    1. Create Custom Image based Web Site or completely custom website for advanced (fees vary)
      • Very important in establishing area expertise and conversion
      • IDX for client homes viewing
      • Listings, domain names, videos, content, neighborhoods
      • Web capture forms throughout
  2. YouTube Channel and Neighborhood Videos
    • Buy flip video or shoot with smart phone
    • Shoot area videos, market updates
    • Create a channel specific for your market
  3. Google – Market Expertise
    • SEO – self create through micro site theory
    • SEO Focused content
    • Link to YouTube videos
    • Google Places set up
    • PPC
  4. Blogging – Consistent targeted content with Blog Strategy
    • Key to developing SEO and maximizing exposure
    • Establish market presence for lead follow
    • Advanced teams can establish multiple blog strategy
    • Networking groups, commenting on active blog
    • Active Rain, Word Press, Blogger, where to host
    • Targeted Outline to stay the course
  5. Facebook Fan Page
    • Set up to spread blogs and photos of homes, meet new clients
    • build brand
    • Demonstration of Expertise
  6. Twitter
    • Understand your audience
    • Be complete grow your reach, display your expertise
  7. Craig’s List Ads into domains
    • Target ads
    • Lead capture for targeting neighborhoods
    • Read the rules, lots of trial, must have web integration
    • Repeat for success
    • understand audience and what others are doing to be successful
  8. Database Marketing – Blog and Lead Capture, teach follow up and follow through
    • If you do not master this, you will not succeed.
    • automated campaigns
    • MLS auto auto-search
  9. Hire moms
    • plenty of great resources for different areas
    • Give them there freedom and ask them to produce and they will in spades
  10. Realtor.com, Zillow.com, Trulia.com
    • Is this an expense or an investment
  11. Mailing, Newsletters through post cards
    • Integrate into your web strategy for old school farming and neighborhood domination

You can come and listen and implement on your own after hearing about the successful techiniques for $3999 OR You can choose to have the Real Estate Leads from Internet be your Internet Markeing Team for you. Have you ever felt that you would just like to have more leads and not have to deal with the techie intenet and social media BS that you really do not understand or more importantly care about doing.

Here is what we (the Real Estate Leads From Internet team) will do for you!


We Are Your Team!

We will provide you with:

  • Business plan with proven success model
  • Focused and successful website with a year of support
  • We do your website,most of the facebooking,tweeting,SEO, with our proven successfull plan and techniques but dedicated to you.
  • Control of their real estate career and lead machine
  • Currently getting leads from Zillow, Trulia, Paying for SEO – stop doing what does not work
  • Our way – leads come diretly to you, we help you convert them
  • We coach you to success
  • You log into you web based CRM tool with qualified leads requesting to be contacted by you
  • Agents agent contact leads and sells homes – what they do best
  • Establishes market presences for listings